This site was finished on August 11, 2010 and was re-opened on April 14, 2014. The script used to maintain the links is made by the talented Jem, and is called NinjaLinks!
Yummy Networks used to be called the lame name Collectives. I've never been good at coming up with site names, but at least I'm making better use of this domain name now!


If you would like to submit a link, then please read these guidelines.
Main collectives and fanlisting collectives only. It feels unnecessary to list both your main collective and sub collective (Final Fantasy, Naruto collective, etc.)
I also list subdomain collectives. They're listed in the Other category along with unpopular domain names like .com, .me, .biz, etc.
All Fanlisting Collectives are listed in the Fanlisting category.
A button in either 88x31 or 100x35 is required. It looks better that way. If you don't have one, then I can make one for you, but it might take a while longer before your link is approved.
Linking back here is not required. But I would appreciate if you did :)
Please check so that your collective isn't already listed before submitting it! I add Main Collectives myself from time to time.
If your collective is listed here and you want it removed, then please contact me and I'll remove it! The same goes to if you want me to change your button, just contact me and I'll make the changes.
If your collective changes url, or if you find a broken link, then please don't hesitate to inform me about it.

What is a collective?

Collectives have links to different kinds of fansites whom their owner created.
A collective is a place where you list all your websites. It's like a main home site. Some people like to call it "Network", and most people name their collectives something like: "The bla bla network!". We can take my main collective Potion.nu as an example, I have named it "The Regain Life Network" :) To be honest, I've never really understood the meaning of it, but it looks nice to call your collective something, heh.

What kind of collectives am I listing? Well, this directoy is for us who creates different kind of fansites. We might have fanblogs, shrines, fanlistings, online TCG's, graphic sites with fan content, galleries, etc. It's all for fun.