Welcome to Yummy Networks, a simple site with a delicious name. It lists main fan collectives, and those collectives have links to different kinds of fansites whom their owner created. I also list Fanlisting Collectives from now on.

You can call this site a directory, link list or whatever, it's just that I've always loved to have a huge link list at my own collective, but it is tiring to manage all of them manually. Especially since many changes domains or decides to quit the whole hobby-fansites thing. So I decided to make this site instead. I love browsing other sites and hopefully you'll be able to find collectives you haven't seen before!

I add as many collectives as I can find, if you have a collective that I don't have listed here, then you can simply fill out the form at this site and I'll add you to the list. You can also link back to this site if you would like to, but it's absolutely not a requirement :)
Please, just read the guidelines at the about page first and make sure so that your link isn't already listed. If you don't like the button used to link you, then just contact me about it and I'll change it at the next update.

There are 115 links in the database; 101 approved and 14 pending.
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